Marcus Harris is a London based stone carver / sculptor. Drawing on memories of walking amongst the then deserted stone blocks in the Egypt of his formative years, and on a family background that oscillates between the artistic and the academic, his works are an expression of both the intuitive and the intellectual amalgamation of the organic, cerebral and metaphysical.      
    Educated in England he grew up very much in the art world, his english father being an academic art and antiques dealer and egyptian mother a talented fashion designer.

He spent several years in America, mostly New York working predominantly in commercial photography and also in contemporary chinese art. All interspersed, with constant trips to Egypt - a place of family, memory, and inspiration.

In London he worked with an internationally well known photographer on many global advertising and fashion campaigns for a couple of years before setting up on his own and then, tiring of the commercial world, gravitated toward the world of stone - a long held desire to reconnect with the elemental and the natural.